We are hoping to not change the date of the “Aurum 1006km race”

The unexpected COVID-19 virus has spread chaos in many lives, one among many affected are drivers, teams and all sports events.

What will happen to the biggest Baltic States racing event that is set to start on July 15 – 18?

We see that responsible institutions are handling this situation well and the quarantine will not be extended for many more months. Thus, will gives us a hope to be on time to organize the race. States the organizer – Darius Jonusis.

The event supports local restaurants, hotels, and attracts many spectators that boost the local economy. In these uncertain times, such events would be vital for small businesses.

Racing drivers, teams are eager than ever to go back and compete. A few days earlier two more entries were placed to the online registration - “JR Motorsport” and Balpol-Toks teams. Both teams are more than enthusiastic to participate in the race.

We are very grateful to our main partners: UAB „ICECO holding”, „Kekava“, „Liqui Moly“, „Dynamit:t“ and others for support to make “Aurum 1006km race” happen this summer.

Such a positively overwhelming atmosphere from the teams, sponsors, long time spectators is encouraging to believe that we will all meet this summer on July 15- 18 for the amazing racing event says Darius Jonusis.